getting YOUR own "PFG-TV" shirt!!!

There is NO BETTER way to SHOW your love of "SCORCH'S 'PFG-TV'" or be RECOGNIZED as one of the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of PFG-SCIPLES than WEARING a "PFG-TV" t-shirt!!! UNFORTUNATELY, SCORCH is TOO BUSY making BILLIONS of DOLLARS as HOLLYWOOD'S greatest LIVING ACTOR to have TIME to re-release the "PFG-TV" CLOTHING LINE!!! But don't DESPAIR, fellow PFG-SCIPLE!!! You can STILL have your OWN "PFG-TV" shirt!!! You will just need to do a little WORK!!!

how to DO it!!!!

You can't BUY one, but you can MAKE your own USING one of the MANY print on demand SERVICES available on the INTERNET!!! Interested??? Then FOLLOW these STEPS and you will SOON be the OWNER of a "PFG-TV" shirt!!!

  1. OBTAIN a CLEAR copy of the "PFG-TV" logo to use on your SHIRT!!! THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS spanning the ENTIRE RUN can be DOWNLOADED here!!! It is MISSING logo for "PFG-TV v2", which is VERY difficult to FIND!!!!
  2. unzip the LOGOS to a LOCATION where you can EASILY find them.
  3. decide which PRINT ON DEMAND service to USE. INSTRUCTIONS for VISTAPRINT and ZAZZLE are included BELOW!!!
  4. MAKE and ORDER your SHIRT

That's ALL THERE is to IT!!! FOLLOW these SIMPLE STEPS and people will SOON be noticing how P.F.G. your WARDROBE has become!!!!

using vistaprint

CREATING custom SHIRTS on VISTAPRINT is very EASY. When a certain PFG-SCIPLE made "PFG-TV" shirts, he used VISTAPRINT. He was very SATISFIED with the RESULTS, as were the PEOPLE who RECIEVED them as CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!!!

If you ARE not yet a MEMBER of ebates, you can sign up to GET $10 back when you click the VISTAPRINT link on the ebates page and spend $25 (before tax and shipping). That makes it EASY to ADD another SHIRT to your ORDER. Now You can BUY all THREE designs!!!

  1. go to vistaprint!!!
  2. choose "clothing and bags" from menu, and then the type of CLOTHING you want (recommend SignatureSoft for t-shirts. it's WORTH the extra MONEY). Your CHOICE should be AVAILABLE in BLACK or another DARK color for BEST RESULTS.
  3. Choose "upload a COMPLETE design" and select a FULL CHEST option
  4. click "MORE" on the top left of work AREA to change SHIRT to BLACK or OTHER dark COLOR!!!
  5. CLICK "IMAGES" (next to MORE) and UPLOAD the IMAGES from your COMPUTER. Drag the image to the WORK AREA
  6. CLICK on the IMAGE and CHOOSE "crop/rotate" from the CONTEXT menu. Choose "SCALE TO FIT".
  7. Click the IMAGE again and CHOOSE "MORE/RESIZE" to position the IMAGE over the CHEST. USE preview on the BOTTOM RIGHT to ensure that the DESIGN looks P.F.G.!!!
  8. When it LOOKS right, click "NEXT", accept the finished DESIGN, and then add it to YOUR cart.
  9. you can NOW make another SHIRT, HAT, or other ITEM, or you can choose to CHECKOUT!!!
  10. enter "CLOTHING25" as PROMO CODE at CHECKOUT to get a 25% DISCOUNT on your ORDER!!!

Video SHOWING the PROCESS for vistaprint!!!

making a T-SHIRT on ZAZZLE

Creating a CUSTOM t-shirt on ZAZZLE is very EASY. The biggest BENEFIT of ZAZZLE is that you can make the LOGO larger on the front of the shirt.

  1. go to
  2. hover OVER "create your own" and SELECT "clothing"
  3. choose the ITEM of CLOTHING that you WANT. quick links for men's t-shirt and women's t-shirt.
  4. select the SIZE and choose BLACK as the color (other COLORS may WORK, but make SURE white in IMAGE is showing!!!)
  5. click ADD image and choose ONE of your PFG-TV logos. It will AUTOMATICALLY be inserted on the ITEM.
  6. use the controls under the WORK AREA to SCALE and move the LOGO to the PROPER place. Use the PREVIEW window in the TOP LEFT to make it JUST RIGHT!!!
  7. CLICK done when you are FINISHED, and then CLICK "add to cart"!!!
  8. Enter "ZAZZLEGIFT50" in the promo code box to SAVE 25%.

video example of MAKING a PFG-TV T-SHIRT for your OLD LADY!!!!

international PFG-SCIPLES

While the LINKS above are for US PFG-SCIPLES, non-AMERICANS can use printers in their OWN country to make a PFG-TV shirt. For EXAMPLE, the MILLIONS of PFG-SCIPLES in LONDON, UK, can use ZAZZLE UK!!!!